Deeper and deeper into the labyrinth

A lot of things have happened to me these last couple of weeks. I finally left my old job, which felt like the career equivalent of finally leaving an abusive boyfriend that no one understand why you put up with. I got Lasik and got rid of the glasses. I joined up with a new company, a complete 180 from the old one, a Corporate TM. Won’t name it but suffice it to say it is Ye Olde Corporate with every kind of ridiculous and sometimes impressive corporate bullshit one could ask for.

Also, I had my 24th birthday.

I feel…strangely happy. I think 24 might be my year. I’ve got that feeling about it that I didn’t have with 23. Or did I? I can’t remember.

The corporate world is crazy and I’m about to plunge in head first. Please pray for me to find my way without losing my mind or my soul.

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