My favourite month is here!

I love Christmas!

It would be more accurate to say that I love December. The holiday season, though it’s stupid to pretend 90 percent of it isn’t Christmas. Everything about it is magical. The streets glittering with giant electric reindeers and Christmas trees. The real Christmas trees decked out in red and gold and smelling of pine and candle wax. The Christmas markets, with their stalls of food and drink and warmth, selling shiny things for your house and your friends. The chilly air that you combat with mince pies and spiced cider and mulled wine, and the dark nights lit up by house upon house decked out in colourful strings of stars. And if you’re really lucky, the way the snow falls from the sky and carpets the city, turning the whole world into a perfect place for that one moment.

Then, of course, there’s the gifts to be bought and received, the family reunions and fantastic meals, and the forgiving Christmas jumpers we all retreat into till February. The people in woollen mitts and muffs, singing their hearts out in the bitter cold, and somehow making it seem like fantastic fun. Even the way in which all the buses and trains and shops play Christmas carols on loop – I love it! Candy canes and frosted leaves, red scarves and dark green trees, white roads and orange fires, smells of candy, turkey and wines! And everyone’s in a good mood, for a while, despite the bad weather and the 3.30 AM sunsets!

I am an unabashed subscriber to the spirit of Christmas, including all the consumer driven excessive spending cliché bits I’m supposed to be so cynical about. I love it, all of it, and I intend to enjoy every second of my last Christmas in Britain (they really do it well here in Edinburgh!). I’m not going to be sad about leaving, because Chris-MAS is all around me, and so:


Merry December times to you and yours!

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