Once upon a Liz Lemon

NOTE: (I promised my self I wasn’t going to be gimmicky and catch-liney and epic-speechy with this one, because I’m genuinely sad and wanted an honest post to express that. OH WELL. Honesty lies in the eyes of the beholder.)

I just saw the final season of 30 Rock, after avoiding the end of the show for months, in a strategy inspired by the exotic Australian bird, the Ostrich (IF I WATCH ENOUGH EPISODES OF DOCTOR WHO, 30 ROCK WILL NEVER END SCREW YOU ALEC BALDWIN).




Emotions. So many emotions.

My first reaction is, of course, to hate time. WHY IS TIME IN EXISTENCE. Like, if time didn’t exist, we could always live in 2008 when it was season 3 (the best season, except maybe the brilliant last one) and Jack-Liz could squabble forever without the quality dipping or it seeming forced. So I hate time. Future sucks. That’s right. Go back to the blackhole you came from, bitch. You think you’re in a continuum with space? Space is CHEATING ON YOU with your mother.

It’s not just time though. Its motherfucking television. All of television. I hate TV. Honestly, why do these bastards make us so fucking invested in their STUPID stories with their STUPID relatable yet inspirational characters and their STUPID super catchy opening theme songs that brilliant transition into sad goodbye background scores. Every time, every TIME I get invested in a show and it just becomes my whole life and then, before I know it, it ends and there is this hole in my heart where these characters used to be. (Yup, gonna put that one on TV).

— but also, I love TV. Even when they turn awesome shows into cash cows and its so painful to watch the characters become sad, cartoon versions of their previous selves, or they rehash the same story line over and over and everything seems tired, you can still watch the first few brilliant seasons and love it more than you did the first time, because this time you GOT the joke about Conan O’Brien.

And then I love it EVEN MORE when they find the perfect time to end, and they end it in the perfect way, with a series of perfect episodes leading up to it. When the characters grow, but also remain the same at heart and Tina Fey is such an awesome feminist subversive witty LOLhilarious hot momma you know I’m talking about 30 Rock can we not even —

Basically, this last episode, down to that amazing last moment with Kenneth the immortal TV Exec and Liz Lemon part IV, made me laughcry like a crazy person and also depressed-angry like an actual crazy person. Because it was so good, it was harder to say goodbye, but ultimately, easier. 

Thank you, Tina Fey, for creating Liz Lemon. Let me add my prayer of thanks to the thousands of blog-erapy odes to your show already out there. Yes, it comes with a side of wildly mixed metaphors that would make Liz Lemon cringe. You made me just objectively cackle out loud with your funny, funny jokes, and touched my heart with the real friendships on the show, and most of all, really hammered in the importance of the rule of threes. 

Peace out, dummies.





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