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Places I Want to Visit Before I Die (Part 1)

I like travelling. Some people don’t really like to travel, and this includes the people who have been to every country in Europe. It’s not a bad or good thing, it’s just they way some people are. Much has been … Continue reading

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Of Violins, Thumkas, and Violent Thumkas

I recently made an important discovery about my life: being ‘cool’, that rather vague category of qualities arbitrarily decided by the stupidest of my peers, is no longer a relevant factor in the grand scheme of things. I grew up … Continue reading

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Creative Writing Lesson 1: Releasing Your Creativity

OK, hello. I wanted to kickstart my creativity and really start pursuing my dream of being writer. A¬†published¬†writer, because if a tree falls in a wood and no one heard it… As a first and fun step toward that goal, … Continue reading

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Today is one of those days where all the forces of nature and nurture combine to make me reflect upon the lack of romance in my life. Like what if I never fall in love, ever? Evereverevereverever? So instead I’m … Continue reading

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