Conspiracy Theories and Infernal Designs

OK so this is coming from a place of total ignorance, remember that. I disclaim anything said in this blog because, hello, total political and current affairs noob behind the keyboard here.

But, I mean, what the fuck is up with the US attacking ALL the middle-eastern countries????

Fine, this is  a serious political question, so no more colloquialisms and sarcasms only when uber-witty.

But for realz guys.

It seems to me completely plausible that they are attacking oil-rich countries that refuse to grant them access to the most valuable and quickly disappearing resource on earth. Perhaps they are really geniuses who have predicted that countries that control oil will be the’s ones in charge soon enough; so they seek control. On one level, I understand. Survival of the fittest. Offence is the best defense. Women’s rights (!!!)

BUT. It seems…evil, am I right? EVEN IF the US as the oil-controlling dictatorship has a small percentage of being better for us, the rest of the world, even then. Power corrupts, guys. Everyone, everyone knows that. This is shady.

Its like in Lord of the Rings, if Elrond and Gandalf decided to use the ring like Boromir suggested instead of destroying it. I know the  metaphor is simplistic I KNOW but seriously, US/real life elven folk: isn’t it better to focus all your amazing smarts and enormous defense budget on developing a more reliable source of energy? I’m aware its a riskier option, but this taking over oil is ostrich head in sand levels of stupid, it seems to me. Eventually, and not that far into the future, its ALL going to run out, so shouldn’t we start ALL as ‘humanity’, not as separate countries, be focusing on replacing oil and not grabbing it? Or else seriously, in spite of not wanting to be simplistic, it becomes really simple to draw the parallels between 7-billion boring people 2013 Earth and 5000 magical folks medieval Middle Earth.

And to realize, full of dismay and horror, that we are indeed in the darkest timeline.

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