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A far green country

Sometimes, you know, occasionally, I feel sad. Indescribably, often inexplicably despondent. Life seems too much and too little; I can’t breathe; my soul sinks down into my stomach, and stays there. I’ve toyed and Web-MD’ed with the idea that I have some … Continue reading

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Northanger Abbey

I just finished Northanger Abbey, and once again, Jane blew me out of the water. She is Just. So. Good! Mr. Tilney is top-notch Austen Hero. Perhaps not as awe-inspiringly hawt as Darcy, or as all-round dreamboat-ey as Knightley, or … Continue reading

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Grad Students are the Worst

Grad Students are the Worst. I mean, so accurate. God. Contrary to what the writer claims, though, it might just be bitterness that makes me agree with him so vehemently. What is that song about being 22 and full of … Continue reading

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THIS I want this “Triflora Necklace” so bad. Even the name is so perfectly lyrical and irresistibly attractive. I want to own a triflora necklace. I want it around my neck. It is from Anthropologie, also known as heaven on earth, or … Continue reading

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This song can calm me, and excite me, simultaneously. How?

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Criticizing other people is AWESOME

My new internship is with a really cool indie feminist publishing house run by a really cool, supportive and incredibly smart woman. I mean, she not only added me on facebook, her relationship status is ‘in a complicated relationship’. Did … Continue reading

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New home, new life

I’ve moved to a new place, as you may have guessed. It’s a room in a house full of people, owned by an Iranian landlady, who lives there with her 9-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter. There is one other tenant, … Continue reading

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