Here is my favourite poem in the whole wide world.

Time and Again

Time and again, however well we know the landscape of love, 
and the little church-yard with lamenting names, 
and the frightfully silent ravine wherein all the others 
end: time and again we go out two together, 
under the old trees, lie down again and again 
between the flowers, face to face with the sky. 


It is a poem by a German poet called Rainer Maria Rilke (isn’t that the best name for a poet you ever heard?), and yes, is a translation. When I first read it I thought it was about true and epic love, but then I realized it was about death. Which is great, because that’s kind of my deal in life: really dramatic, very morbid, but also cheesy and cutsey in good measure. And of course, I’m secretly German. 

Haha, just kidding, I’m actually that ridiculous girl who left her dissertation to the last minute and now has to write 6000 words in one day.

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