An adventuring ninja, a sexy pirate, a nerdy student

…and always telling stories.

I love stories. That is my thing. I like books, I like movies, I like TV. I like travel, I like food, I like friends and family. But most of all I like stories. 

I like to hear stories because through these stories I can live. I can be tall, handsome, charming, voluptous, sexy, capable, brave, dashing, enterprising, evil, manipulative, funny, strange. I can be a person to whom things happen. I like to look at my life, too, as a series of stories. 

I like telling stories too — I like spreading news, gossip, smiles, tears, anything, through words. Everything is a story, in the end, and thats not just my philosophy.

I’m starting this blog because I think its about time I start telling stories that I’m living. All my life I have lived half in the world of my imagination. I have believed that I only need to hold on to that certain belief, and something magical will happen. Now, when I’m growing up, without a letter from Hogwarts, without  a trip to Narnia, without so much as an exciting summer murder mystery to solve, I’m realizing that perhaps real life adventures are of a different kind and maybe I should immerse myself in them too.

I’m going to warn you — there may be nothing much to tell. Although at any given moment my head is full of thoughts, confused, jumbled, rambling, crazy, disturbing, wonderful, banal thoughts, and I love to day dream and to imagine and to think, I actually live my life very cautiously. Just like some people seem to attract adventure, I seem to have been gifted with the knack of slipping right past them, skirting around their edges, listening to their attractive footsteps fading away. But I want to still record what I see, just for me, if no one else, just so I can remember and recall. I see this blog as a 21st century diary of sorts, to keep track of the many things I think and the few things I do.

Don’t worry, its not all hoity-toity old-fashioned stick in her ass ramblings. Some of its very current — I feel strongly about certain political and social issues, and won’t shy away from talking and even ranting about them. Some of its pretty niche, even cliquey — I am a complete fangirl. I have my fandoms, I have my ships, I write fanfiction, I obsess about fictional characters (real and imagined 😉 ). Sometimes I’ll even maybe chat about my life or bitch about real people or share my youthful existential angst.

My name, for example. Raven Alice Carter. I’ve been named by a Lewis Caroll fan, obviously. Its a huge shadow over my shoulder, but luckily, I like shadows and their general ominousness  What I mean is, its a nice name for a fan of books. Its a good (but not fool-proof) way to identify the smart ones, the quirky ones, and the nice ones.

That is all about me for now. I hope I’ve reeled you in, anonymous reader. I hope this is the beginning of something real.

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